About Us

Welcome to Classic Carlectables, where passion for Australian automotive history meets unparalleled craftsmanship. As a proudly Australian-owned company, we are committed to crafting exquisite diecast scale model cars that are both affordable and highly collectible.

What sets us apart is our dedicated 'in-house' design and development department, comprising qualified designers and engineers who are avid diecast collectors themselves. This unique combination of expertise allows us to recreate the most detailed and authentic Australian model cars from both past and present eras.

Each diecast model car is produced in limited quantities, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a Production Number plate on the chassis , ensuring the exclusivity and value of every piece in your collection.

Our process is a collaborative journey, involving numerous skilled individuals and meticulous processes. From the initial project conception to the final delivery, our team invests well over a year into each model, perfecting every intricate detail. Final tooling for each item incorporates a remarkable array of intricate plastic and diecast parts.

At Classic Carlectables, we are driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to delivering exceptional value to collectors. With our unwavering dedication and passion for perfection, we strive to offer you nothing but the finest quality in Australian diecast scale model cars.

Although we do not sell directly to the public, our well established distributor channel stretches across all states of Australia and New-Zealand. Please visit our "Where to Buy" page to find your local dealer. 


The Classic Carlectables Team thanks you for your support! 


Happy Carlecting!