Ford XY Fairmont GS Wild Violet

Ford XY Fairmont GS Wild Violet

Product Code: 18828

Scale: 1:18

Release Date: TBA

Limited Edition Quantity: TBA

Type: Road Cars

The Grand Sport Rally Pack offered by Ford was a convenient factory option designed to infuse a dash of sportiness into a variety of models, spanning from the XW to XC series. With a simple tick on the order form, customers could imbue their new Falcon with several sporty enhancements, without committing to the expense of purchasing the GT model. This package included distinctive GS side stripes and badging, along with the emblematic GS insignia embellishing a three-spoke, deep-dished steering wheel. The interior received a significant upgrade with the inclusion of a GT dash, boasting a comprehensive array of instruments such as speedometer, tachometer, odometer, oil pressure, water temperature, and fuel gauges, further enhancing the car's performance-oriented aura. Additionally, stainless steel wheel covers provided a touch of refinement to the exterior.

Originally available for Falcon 500, Futura, and Fairmont sedans and wagons, the Grand Sport option package evolved over time, incorporating additional features such as a sunroof and a stereo radio/tape player into the general options list. However, the highlight for performance enthusiasts was undoubtedly the availability of a potent 250hp two-barrel carburetor-equipped Cleveland version of the 351ci V8 engine, offering an exhilarating driving experience.

Ford marketed the Grand Sport as a canvas for customization, encouraging buyers to "Make up your own Grand Sport." While it may not have exuded the same allure as the GT model, the Grand Sport Rally Pack provided a distinct alternative for budget-conscious consumers seeking a blend of style and performance. Ultimately, it allowed customers to personalize their Falcon with a unique combination of features, making each Grand Sport a reflection of its owner's individuality and preferences.


  • The detailed front end features engraved headlights, spotlights and indicators, as well as the finely finished grille and bumper.
  • The body in stunning Electric Blue with Grand Sport Orange stripe down the side of the car.
  • Unique to the GS is the stainless steel wheel covers.
  • The interior is fully detailed and features the three spoked deep dish steering wheel with GS insignia.
  • Glove box features the Fairmont badge on wood grain.
  • Detailed door trims feature window winder and wood grain strip accents. Window down on drivers side for a realistic look.
  • The 302 engine and surrounding bay have an amazing level of detail, including etched metal bonnet hinges, finely moulded hoses, tubing and fine graphics.
  • The chassis has a great level of detail with many parts to give working suspension and steering.
  • Final product will include a "Certificate of Authenticity" and a "Production Number plate", mounted to the chassis.