Ford 1966 Pony Mustang RHD Signal Flare Red

Product Code: 18804

Brand: Classic Carlectables

Scale: 1:18

Release Date: April 2024

Limited Edition Quantity: 600

Type: Road Cars

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This was Ford’s goal for 1966 and close to 700,000 Mustangs were built in an extended model year. A new deluxe interior featuring the galloping pony seat inserts served to continue its popularity. Instead of a separate luxury model, Ford decided to offer a set of luxury options. These options were given the name ‘Interior Decor Group’. Most noticeable of these features was the galloping pony inserts on the seats. For this reason, the Interior Decor Group is often referred to as the ‘Pony’ interior. These special interiors were also known as Deluxe or Luxury interiors. Cars with the ‘Pony’ interior trim were sometimes called ‘Ponycars’ or ‘Pony Mustangs’. In 1966 Ford offered many styling ‘refinements’. The options/accessories in the 1966 Mustang totalled over 70 compared to 50 in 1964.

  • Updated Simulated Air Scoop: Witness the sleek simulated air scoop, enhanced with three bars to create the illusion of air channeling to the rear brakes, adding a touch of sporty sophistication to the design.
  • Authentic Fuel Cap: Admire the fuel cap with grooved edges and the distinctive "Ford Mustang" inscription stamped concentrically into the metal surface, alongside the standard backup lights, capturing the essence of the original design.
  • Revamped Instrument Cluster: Explore the all-new bezel of the five-dial instrument cluster, now equipped with gauges rather than warning lights, complemented by details such as the ignition key and adjustable gear shifter for a truly immersive experience.
  • Classic Pony Hubcap: Marvel at the authentic replication of the standard 1966 14-inch Pony hubcap and hubcap badge, paired with White Wall tires for a touch of vintage charm.
  • Removable Air Filter Cover: Discover the removable air filter cover adorned with original 289 cubic inch and Autolite stickers, meticulously crafted and located in the model's boot for added authenticity.
  • Faithfully Replicated Engine Bay: Behold the high-performance 289ci V8 engine and surrounding bay, faithfully replicated to mirror the original design, complete with Ford's iconic blue engine paint and detailed front suspension components.
  • Functional Driveshaft: Observe the 16-gallon fuel tank mounted beneath the luggage compartment, alongside the driveshaft that spins with the rotation of the rear wheels, adding realism to the model's dynamic presentation.
  • Each item includes a certificate with an individual production number, ensuring its authenticity and exclusivity.

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