Holden HX Monaro GTS Sedan Cotillion White (308ci Engine)

Product Code: 18794

Brand: Classic Carlectables

Scale: 1:18

Release Date: November 2023

Limited Edition Quantity: 1000

Type: Road Cars

The HX was introduced in July 1976 and was basically a cosmetic upgrade on the HJ, although one major reason for the release of the HX was the introduction of new anti-pollution requirements, Australian Design Rule 27a, to lower exhaust emissions. But the addition of emission control equipment without any re-design of the basic engine saw reductions in both fuel efficiency and power output. The cosmetic changes included a much better grille treatment, bright colours, large GTS decals, colour- keyed bumpers, integrated spoiler options and optional bonnet black-out made it the most distinctive of all four door Monaros.

Item includes certificate with individual production number.