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Holden Race Cars

VU SS V8 Brute Ute

L34 Torana

VC Commodore

VH Commodore

Holden Road Cars



VY SS Ute w/Canopy

FJ Utility

FX Utility

HJ Ute

HJ Panel Van

HQ Utility

HQ Panel Van

HX Panel Van

HX Ute


FJ Panel Vans

Holden V8 Supercars

VY Commodore

VE Commodore

VT Commodore

VZ Commodore

VR Commodore

VS Commodore

VF Commodore

ZB Commodore

Signature Series Holden V8 Supercars

VT Commodore


Ford Race Cars

XR Falcon GT

XT Falcon GT

XW Falcon GT-HO Phase II

XY Falcon GT-HO Phase III

AU XR8 V8 Brute Utes


Ford Road Cars

FPV GT Sedan

FPV GT MK2 Sedan

FPV GT-P Sedan

FPV GT-P MK2 Sedan

FPV Typhoon

FPV Tornado

FPV Pursuit Ute

FPV MK2 Pursuit Ute

BA XR8 Ute

XR Falcon GT

XT Falcon GT

XW Falcon GT-HO Phase I

XY Falcon GT-HO Phase III

1934 Aust Ute

AU XR8 Utes

1933 Ford


Ford V8 Supercars

BA Falcon

BF Falcon

FG Falcon

AU Falcon

EL Falcon

EF Falcon

Signature Series Ford V8 Supercars

AU Falcon

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New Tooling Announcement

Item No.18751
Holden VL Commodore
Group A SV Panorama Silver

Available 2nd Quarter 2022


New Tooling Announcement

Item No.18740
Ford XC Sundowner
Pine 'n' Lime

Available 4th Quarter 2021


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