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Our club offers many exciting advantages for members of the Classic Carlectables Club that are exclusive to members only.

On receipt of your Membership Application AND payment you will receive within 20-28 days your Gold Membership Card and free of any charge, a 1:43 scale Classic Carlectables Club Holden or Ford. These models are available to Club Members only and will not be available elsewhere. They will become valuable collectors pieces.

For each year of your membership you will receive an exclusive members only car. For members joining for two years you will receive at the beginning of your second year the next new free model yet to be selected which will also become a valuable collectors item.

You will also receive a personal membership card with your name, number and expiry date.

Included with your membership you will receive quarterly e-newsletters (January, April, July and October) keeping you up to date with the items we are releasing and the progress of these items. This information has become valuable to our members who are able to go to there local retailers and pre-order limited edition items so they don't miss out. Also you will have the opportunity to purchase special items which will only be available to club members. The standard range of model cars are only available from your selected retailer, not direct from Classic Carlectables.

You CANNOT purchase the standard range of model cars direct from Classic Carlectables. They are only available from selected retailers. To find your local retailer please visit our where to buy page.

Becoming a Gold Member of the Classic Carlectables Club also allows you exclusive access to the Classic Carlectables Auction Website. This offers unique 'one-off' items such as specially signed models, pre-production samples, releases from our archives and other memorabilia. Only Gold Members can bid for these items. The Auction link on the home page will show you current and previous auction items.


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1:18 Chevrolet Z28 Camaro
1982 Bathurst.
Personally signed by Kevin Bartlett.
LE 200.
Released July 2011

1:18 Holden LJ XU-1 Torana
1972 Bathurst.
Personally signed by Colin Bond.
LE 200.
Released November 2010

1:18 Stone Brothers Racing
Alex Davison's Year 2009 FG Falcon.
Personally signed by Alex Davison.
LE 200.
Released June 2010

1:18 Jack Daniel's Racing
Todd Kelly's Year 2009 VE Commodore.
Personally signed by Todd Kelly.
LE 250.
Released March 2010

1:18 Sprint Gas Racing
Greg Murphy's Year 2008 VE Commodore.
Personally signed by Greg Murphy.
LE 250.
Released September 2009

1:18 Ford Performance Racing
Steve Richards' Year 2009 FG Falcon.
Personally signed by Steve Richards.
LE 200.
Released December 2009

1:18 HSV Dealer Team
Rick Kelly's Year 2008 VE Commodore.
Personally signed by Rick Kelly.
LE 350.
Released February 2009

1:18 Ford Performance Racing
Mark Winterbottom's Year 2008 BF Falcon.
Personally signed by Mark Winterbottom.
LE 400.
Released December 2008

1:18 Toll HSV Dealer Team
Garth Tander's Year 2007 VE Commodore.
Personally signed by Garth Tander. LE 400.
Released March 2008

1:18 Holden Racing Team
Mark Skaife's Year 2008 VE Commodore.
Personally signed by Mark Skaife. LE 500.
Released September 2008

1:18 Holden EFIJY.
Personally signed by Richard Ferlazzo.
GM Holden Chief Designer. LE 300.
Released June 2007

1:18 1972 Ford XA Falcon GT-HO Phase IV.
Personally signed by
John Wynne (Builder) & Dan Bowden for David Bowden (Restoration). LE 300.
Released January 2008

1:18 Jack Daniel's Racing & Steven Richards'
Inaugural V8 Supercar Round Win
Personally signed by Steven Richards. LE 300.
Released August 2006

1:18 Supercheap Auto Racing
Cameron McConville's 2006 V8 Supercar.
Personally signed by Cameron McConville. LE 150.
Released October 2006

1:43 Marcos Ambrose's 2003.
"Championship Edition" BA Falcon
Personally signed by Marcos Ambrose. LE 500.
Released September 2004

1:18 Jim and Steven Richards' 2004.
Bathurst VY Commodore.
Personally signed by Jim and Steven Richards. LE 300.
Released December 2004

1:18 Craig Lowndes and Glenn Seton's 2004 Bathurst BA Falcon.
Personally signed by Craig Lowndes and Glenn Seton. LE 500.
Released March 2005

1:18 Russell Ingall's 2005.
"Championship Winner" BA Falcon.
Personally signed by Russell Ingall. LE 300.
Released April 2006

Larry Perkins personalised signed print. Released June 2003.

Stone Brothers Racing Print. Personally signed by Ross and Jimmy Stone. Limited Edition 75. Released September 2004


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18724 - Holden L34 Torana
1974 Bathurst 2nd Place

Limited Edition of 400 pieces
RRP $299.00
Available December 2020


18628 - Holden L34 Torana
1975 Bathurst 2nd Place

Limited Edition of 400 pieces
RRP $299.00
Available January 2021


18725 - Holden L34 Torana
1976 Bathurst 5th Place

Limited Edition of 400 pieces
RRP $299.00
Available February 2021


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